Argos RU/EU - X3X3 - WIPE 19.06.20

PvP server ARGOS RU/EU
Discord server:
Experienced and player-friendly admins (English proficiency included).
Friendly, active and joyful regulars.
Raid schedule (work days) 20:00-21:00, (weekends )19:00-21:00, Moscow time.
Ingame gold market!
We play by the rules!
Don’t miss the chance to include your name in the story of the realm!

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Russian newbies’ adventures on Argos)))

Do you have only ru community on server?

Not only ru community, and most people speak english.
You don’t have to worry about this.

Today 31.03.20 at 20:00 moscow time will be wipe

Today 06.05.2020 will be wipe!

Streamers of our server

  1. Rules of communication:

1.1. While playing on a server, the player automatically agree with all the conditions and rules of this server. Not knowing the rules , or changes applied to them, , does not release player from liability.

1.2. It is forbidden to harass players and administration team, with targeted or any other filthy language, humiliation, provocations.

1.3. Extortion, trolling/offensive behavior, and ultimatum demands are prohibited. Nobody owes you anythingAny help from players or administrators is voluntary.

1.4. It is forbidden to advertise other servers in the chat and group, appeals to leave the server, intentional or unintentional distortion of online server performance.

1.5. Rules can be edited according to decisions of the administration.

  1. Game rules:

2.1. One clan can have one base of 50 by 50 tiles, 2 outposts of 7 by 7 tiles and 5 vaults. Cartographers are not counted in (exceptions for base size made for the time of moving from one location to another)

2.2. Allowed 10 pets and NPCs.

2.3. Forbidden to block the possibility of development to neighbors. Between your zone and the neighbor should be a place for the expansion of your bases.

2.4. Forbidden to block the places of occurrence of NPS, emotions, recipes.

2.5. Forbidden to block pathways to different locations.

2.6. Forbidden to use game bugs and cheats.

2.7. Allowed to rob and loot, take everything that you can find.

2.8. Forbidden to kill players in loading screen like obelisk/dungeon. As soon as a character starts moving, any player can kill him.

2.9 Forbidden to agr purge, boss or another NPC to someone else’s building!
2.10 Allowed to kill horses and thralls In non-raid time with wall palisade or agr bosses (only if
they are not in the territory of the owner)

  1. Raid rules:

3.1. Allowed to raid one clan or solo player per day.
(Allowed to raid unlimited number of buildings 7 by 7)

3.2. Forbidden to raid by two clans.

3.3. Players are allowed to call their allies to defend their base (not for raids).

3.4. Being raided? Repair/Remove allowed (not rebuild) and can replace/remove beds & elevators.

3.5. Remove your buildings near the base that you raided.

3.6. No Bubbles/ Avatars

Admin protection:

Allowed to take protection for new players for 5 days that just came to the server. (Protection is removed if the player participates in raids)

Allowed to take protection for 3 days to those clans whose bases were raided recently. (Protection is removed if the player participates in raids)

Raid time - weekdays from 20:00 to 21:00 (Moscow time)

Raid time - weekends from 19:00 to 21:00 (Moscow time)

Server restart everyday at 6 am. (Moscow time)
For breaking these rules base demolition / removing pets / ban / based on admin decision.

Forbidden to use cancel attack animation with any one handed weapon combined with a rope/chain or something else!!!