Armor stands in conan on ps4

I think conan would benifit with armor stand because you could display all your armor on the armor stands.


Armor stands are already in the game, you just have to capture them :wink:

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This would have to be one of the single most requested additions for Conan Exiles since the games inception. And rightly so, its an awesome feature. For the record, a CM previously told me that it is right near the top of a pile of suggestions under consideration. But still, ill keep voting for it every time I keep seeing it. Thakyou IMrStinky.

Those particular ‘armour stands’ are not befitting of such finnery. Furthermore, they tend to forget their role and move about when theyre not supposed to.

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Agreed, I was thinking about this as well for quick armor choice access, give us this but with locks on it lol, encase it in glass oh yes!

I’d love to see mannequins in game, maybe like giant artist models built from wood and iron with an inventory like a thrall but with a list of poses we can chose from instead of inventory slots.

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Mannequins!! Yes please.

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