Armor values for Reptillian Armors swapped. Still!

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There is a problem with the epic reptillian Armor. The Armor values for chest and gloves is swapped. the gloves have the value the chestpiece supposed to have and vice versa. Its fine for the normal non epic armor though. This is also shown in the feat tab in the pictures aswell. This can produce some balancing issues i quess. When you swap the chestpiece for something different you basically can equip two times the armor amount of a chestpiece.

this by the way has been brought up over a year ago

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. start the game
  2. go to the feats
  3. see that the pictures show the armor values swapped for gloves and chestpiece
  4. go in game and equip the epic gloves and a different chestpiece form another armor and enjoy the extra armor from a secend chestpiece

Yes it is a day one issue mix the gloves with another chest armor nice perk

The recipe is fixed if you have the proper thrall on the bench to craft the epic flawless version. But if not the armor is as stated above.

It’s also cold weather resistant which seems wrong.

I see now even the recipe is mixed up. i didnt pay attention to that as i was crafting it quickly. :smile:

Hey @Novikthewise

We’ve fixed the issue with the swapped values in our upcoming patch, although we’re still working on the problem that swaps the recipes.
Apologies for the frustration and thanks for your feedback.

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I actually have the impression its not the only armor where weather resistance is wrong. Lemurian medium and light royal armor protects from cold. That doesn’t make any sense especially for the royal armor. Also taking the lore into account. The same goes with the zamorian thieve armor


There are a few armors that are odd. Pictish furs in the desert…good. Half naked in the snow…good (Although I can’t argue against half-naked anywhere).

The Reptillian seems especially wrong because the volcano NPCs where wearing it everywhere not too long ago. It’s not that cold in the volcano.

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It’s a common problem. If one considers it a problem at all, some do others don’t. Personally I do think it’s a pity, because temperature is an “immersion feature” to begin with and it feels like it wasn’t followed through on.


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