Reptile armor gloves and chest wrong

I just noticed they are named incorrectly. Is it just me or same for all?

Ya, that’s how it’s in the dev kit too. Looks like something I would do :joy: Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

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I just made a set today for display, geez it is heavier than some heavy armor.

Also, the cold resistance is a bug. reptiles are resistant to heat, not cold. Put a lizard in the snow and watch it die. Why on earth would their armor be the exact opposite? Hyborian slaver armor looks silly for cold armor too.

Yea those have been messed up for a while. The chest requires glove linings to make and vice versa. As a result of this glitch, it’s better to wear all epics except the chest, as you lose armor since it has glove ac values. The epic gloves have more armor than any other gloves in the game since they have chest ac values.

i agree, while it’s one of the first dungeon people mostly do, the armour is really heavy and most will never use it.

They should rework it, maybe also set the resistance to hot (but that’s up to discusion of course), and make it lighter.

After making them, and dawning them, they revert back to what they should be.
Just did it yesterday, and now they same the correct thing.
I also added weight reduction kits to all, might have done something, dunno.

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