Hyperborian Slaver Armor no longer for hot weather

Game mode: [Online |]
Problem: Misc]
Region: [North America]

I made a set of Hyperborean a couple of days ago so a friend could have a heavy set of hot weather armor. Since the patch, the feats list still shows it for hot weather, but upon making another set and consoling it in, the armor is now for cold weather.
Rant section It’s enough that Reptilian, Zamorian, and Hyena fur warm us up, so now we have twice the options for cold weather than we have for hot weather.

On another note, small wells are neither working nor can they be placed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This happened to me I put on my lemarian armor said heat rated x3.
Put it on whent to volcano. Was in heat stroke the whole time.
It is cold weather. Your armor is correct in it being heat gear. You will freeze if you try to use it in cold area.
Eventhough it says cold it will chang back eventually to proper setting. Mine did.

Odd, since my friend started overheating, but might be due to the temperature issues others are reporting. I haven’t had any temperature fluxes since the patch.

I looked it up to be sure, hyborian slaver is heat rated, harkonnen raider is cold.

The stupid thing is that the normal set of this armor is heat resist, and the epic version is cold resist.

Just like the reptilian armor being cold resist yet NPCs wearing it in the volcano… more inconsistencies.

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I did not check epic you would be correct. Epic for some reason changes to cold rating.

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I just checked myself by making a set from scratch. The normal was heat, and the epic was cold.

Even the light armor had the same issue.

Yup they f’d it up. Though it has been like that since launch.

I’ve just run into these issues as well. Made a set of epic hyperborean gear, it said it was cold resistant. Went up north with it and almost froze to death. Guess I should’ve known better, it doesn’t look very warm at all on my female character.

XB1 offline singleplayer, btw.