Ash and Thunder [PS4][PVP][10×]

We’re a small server and community seeking new players! We are geared towards all players, and understanding of those with other life obligations outside of the game. This server is about having fun, not about grinding it out.

Discord is not mandatory, but is highly recommended for access to rules, community, and event notifications. Our Admin team is divided into two sectors, In-game and Discord Admins

Server features:

Starter kits with black blood tools

Public map rooms at obelisks


Active Admins

Keep on Death

Offline raiding is allowed

Accelerated XP and Harvesting

Open PVP

Raid times [3:00pm-10:30pmCST weekdays, 12:00pm-11:30pmCST weekends]

Max clan size - 5

Discord - X3JRd4qkTW

Admin shop dependent on server growth and demand