Asian servers are offline for 5 days

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: Misc]
Region: [Asia]

The Asian pve conflict servers are unavailable. They only show up when the invalid server box is ticked, and they cannot be selected. They have been unavailable for 5 days now. I am using the Conan Exiles version of the game but live in Japan. As the ping is very high to other regions, have I wasted money on this game? It is currently unplayable online.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.try and play the game online can’t

Yea, i cant access to the server for 5 days already, i report this in the community and no one give a Fxxx. I just want to know if my stuffs will go expired when the server is offline

Outcasts Ver.をやっていますが、韓国に住んでいます。

watashi no nihon go wa heta desu

Hi @Solid, we’re aware of an issue that’s affecting several servers in Japan and are working towards fixing it as soon as possible, apologies for the inconvenience.

anyone tested the Asia servers ?? are they back yet ??

Nope, it takes at least weeks or up to a month to fix it according to the previous cases

holy sh*t bucket !!!

Thanks for the reply Hugo.
Any idea how long it will take and if our buildings/thralls will have decayed when we return?

No problem! We’re currently working together with Spike Chunsoft to have this situation resolved as soon as possible, no ETA as of yet though.


Thanks Hugo

Hi solid, dont worry about decay timers , when server is invalid it stops. I ve been through this situation several times.

Thanks froogle! That’s a weight off my mind!

@Hugo any news please ?! Is this related to COVID19 ??

Hello, the issue with the servers was due to a problem with the build itself and unrelated to the current events. Accessing them through the Conan Outcasts (JP) client should still be possible.

This is JP PS4. Why can’t I join JP’s 4001 server? It’s illegal. I’m in China now. I don’t

My PS4 is a Japanese version, why can’t I enter

Do you mean I need a Japanese version of exile to play?

If it can still be accessed by Conan outcasts does that mean that my base will have decayed by now?

Hi solid, imf afraid this is the case … prior case the servers were invalid and not accessible for everyone. Now that @Hugo stated it is working somewhere ,im not sure of anything… @Hugo can you please help with a feedback from Funcom ?