Attack on the run (revived)

One thing that really breaks immersion for me is the lack of attacks while in motion. I jump off a ledge and try to wind up for a good power attack on the dragon’s head, but no!!! Have to land, recover, then attack. Archers can walk slowly and fire, which is a bit helpful. But worst of all is not being able to run and fight at the same time. It feels very wrong. A has been posted in the previous thread: Add running attack

It is far too easy in PvE to just walk away from 20 NPCs, healing up as you do. It is also annoying when the NPC archers just casually back away from my swings. Katana is probably the best weapon to have for fighting archers. Nothing has as much reach as katana.

Please let us swing/shoot while mid jump and while running!


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Hmmmmm, a very risky statement :smiley:

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