Add running attack

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90% of all enemy in this game cant hit you just by walking and 99% if you start running. Its annoying when you can escape from a black panter just by walking. In PVP whe got the same problem. So i think about this problem and for me i found two things, first the enemy locking you before performing a attack and in this fact this make the enemy walk at the same speed of you so a black panter dont got is speed advantage, secondly the fact whe dont got a running attack so whe can ascape all attack just by running. If you need a exemple watch the combat system in Dark Souls every creature got is own speed and attack type and they can take advantage of it, and i chose Dark Souls for my exemple because for me its the most closer combat system resemblance.


Agree. WE need to be able to hit while running or smthing.

Yeah, i agree with this. It should be kept to light attacks tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I also think this should be something everyone can agree on… even the Single player guys!


I hope it’s okay that i also like you @Tascha, i really think this is an important suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks badtrip07 for making this post.

PVE I can agree, enemy is just dumb … you can do a sidestep and he won’t be able to hit you, it’s just too easy to avoid attacks from enemy
PVP I disagree, good players will try to forecast your steps and therefor try to trick you with ghost attacks or similar, so even when you take a sidestep, they will be able to hit you