AU / NZ Pvp Server (Siptah)


I have created a server with the banner below for details.

The purpose of this server is to give players a home to interact with one another with reasonable moderation in place. I as an admin don’t actively play on the server and will only ever intervene when a player is exploiting Funcoms terms of services (ie cheating, excessive land claim etc).

gametracker dot com/server_info/

Server Settings:

  • XP Level system is accelerated (only XP not harvest). As players indicated so far the grind to level 60 is not fun.
  • Thrall / Taming Speeds are on 0.2 not 1.0 (smaller is faster). Given a balance between Clans of 5 vs 1 the ability for Solo’s to defend their base with more tames gives them a fighting chance.
  • Clan limits 5. At the early stages of the population the limit of 5 per clan will slow the pace a little. If the numbers pick we’ll increase that to a new number as population size rises.
  • No Mods. Keeping the settings as close to vanilla official pvp servers as possible.

Discord: / yN3mWjp