[AU/NZ][PC] New PvP Server - SuperFun PvP - 5x EXP & Gathering - Set Raid Times - Friendly Admins - Created 19th May

G’day all,

After going from PvP server to PvP server and not quite finding the community I wanted I decided to create (rent) my own server.

My goal behind this server is to have a relaxed yet challenging, competitive and fun PvP environment where everyone feels welcome and can have fun without the usual ganking/griefing/picking on new players that happens on some servers.

So everyone can get “up to speed” quicker and be able to join in PvP sonner I’ve enabled 5x XP and gathering, and tweaked crafting times and a few other settings to speed up the progression a bit.

There are a few rules that will be strictly enforced in order to keep things fun, enjoyable and good natured . They are:

  1. No griefing / harrassment
  2. No ganking new players
  3. No abuse (normal banter is fine)
  4. No cheating/exploiting

Additionally I’ve enforced set times for raiding with the goal to force PvP interaction rather than have constant “1am raids”. The idea is that this will provide a more challenging and fun PvP environment in addition to giving people peace of mind when they log off.

Currently the raids times are (AEST):

Weekdays - 5:00pm - 11:59pm
Weekends - 9:00am - 11:59pm

Last thing I’ll mention is that I am willing to amend the settings / rules / raid times if we get a regular player base who would like things changed. My goal is to have an active, fun community and I am more than happy to listen and change things if requested. This includes the server size which is currently 20 but can be increased if need be.

I hope to see you on there :slight_smile:

Server Name: [AU/NZ]SuperFun PvP/5x All/Admins/NEW 19/05
Server IP:

Thanks for all the support so far guys, we’re starting to get a small but dedicated group of players together and some initial skirmishes have already begun. So far everyone has been friendly and respectful so my thanks for that, please keep it up and make sure to welcome new players!

I’ve now setup a Discord channel and the link can be found in the servers MoTD (I can’t post links here :frowning: )

Hey noob noob, can you update the server? cant join until you do. Cheers