New server pc Aus/Nz PvP no gods

Created on 14/11/2018

join IP address

Looking to build a community on our 20 slot server!

Our server was founded with the goal in mind of respecting our players time investment and commitment to the game.

We don’t want our buildings (however crappy they are lol) to be destroyed overnight but still allow for PVP across the world. In other words, you can be attacked on sight, dueled or have skirmishes but you dont have to worry about your bases during the week. However on the weekends (sat and sun only) buildings can be damaged from 6-10pm

God Avatar: Turned Off

Clan max size: 5

Items dropped on death

Anyone can loot

Player bodies remain in world

24/7 Open World PvP experience

Same as Official Servers 2x harvest exp, 1x player exp, 4x player kill exp, 4x player harvest exp, 4x crafting exp

Servers rules are simple: No building in/on POI locations, they are for everyone. No trolling peoples bases like building a wall around them building a trebuchet is fine.

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Looks nice!

I will probably join you :slight_smile:

looking forward to seeing you :smiley:

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still lots of room around the world if you would like more info please message me ^^

clan max size increased to 5
population is at around 15+ people mostly different time zones good time to join us :slight_smile:

Looks real fresh. No shrines on map yet :slight_smile:

looking for some new players to join us we are pretty friendly ^^