[EU/UK PC] NEW Friendly Solo/Duo Clan Server - PVP/2x XP/2.5x HAR/No Avatars

Hey Guys,

I’ve set up a new server for all you Solo/Duo players out there that want to join and become part of a friendly server, with week nights and weekend raiding (PVP 24hrs). The server is brand new, so I am the only one on there at the moment, so all of the great base building spots are available! I do play and I will end up raiding BUT I enjoy the game so cheating as Admin is NOT MY THING!

Server has been set up for the next 12 months, so it won’t be going anywhere - your hard work and grind won’t disappear :slight_smile:


  1. Chat is over 18’s but Racist comments won’t be tolerated.
  2. PVP is 24/7 and Raiding is set to 5pm - 11pm every night (CET).
  3. NO building on POI’s - these will be removed without notice.
  4. NO Avatars at present - this could change as the server grows - everyone will get a say.
  5. NO Building to close to someone elses base - blocking them won’t be tolerated.
  6. NO spamming of buildings - this will be instant BAN and removal of said Buildings.
  7. DO NOT ask for Admin rights ever.
  8. Enjoy and be part of a community - I set the server up but I would like it so that everyone has a say.


Join today and then come to the discord too: NBbHNur