[PC][Asia][Quick Progression] Super Happy Fun Time - PvP

Greetings Exiles!

Super Happy Fun Time is a PvP server with the player in mind. Playing on official servers is great and all, but what do you do when someone has built a wall completely enclosing the starting spawn and you can’t get out? How about when someone decides to foundation spam the entire exile lands leaving you to build a small shack in the middle of the desert dune? There is no law and order on official servers but there are at Super Happy Fun Time!

  1. Do not build in important points of interest. I say important. For example: if you want to build near the Northern Aqueduct there isn’t an issue. But if you want to block the path to the volcano then we have an issue.

  2. Do not foundation spam. It is okay to plot out an area you wish to build but do not get excessive. Chances are if people are complaining it’s excessive. The three strike rule applies here as well.

  3. Do not grief other players. I get that this is a PVP server but beating a dead horse is sadistic. People play video games and specifically PVP for the challenge that comes along with it. If you raid someone’s base leave it at that. No need to foundation wipe them.

  4. If I see decayed buildings starting to dot the landscape I will destroy them. That being said, if you’re playing solo and traveling or won’t be able to play I will make a note of it and spare your buildings. Real life happens. However I will not stop someone from raiding your offline base. That’s the nature of it.

  5. Have fun and remember it’s just a game.

Items spoil rate is double! Now you can cook and not worry about having your inventory clogged with rotting meat!

Three times the harvest rate

You’ll never have to go far for resources because nodes respawn at 4 times the normal speed.

I’ll let the below excerpt from the configuration file speak to the experience gain! Here at Super Happy Fun Time we know that the real fun happens at the level 60 raids so we’ve upped the experience gain! No more being stuck at level 15 while those before you are already sitting pretty at 60. That being said I think we’ve struck a fine balance where there’s still a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes along with working hard for your level.






Direct Join:

We also have a discord which we would love to see you on. https://discord.gg/z8QKNrb

No time restriction on PvP = even more offline raiding = no fun.

I’ll think about playing if you implement time restrictions on PvP.

I won’t implement time restrictions however I can say there are two type of players on my server. The solo or small group players who tend to stick to themselves and the alpha clans who really only attack people of equal strength. I understand if this isn’t your play style and totally respect that. I hope you find what you’re looking for!