=Awesome Exiles=

Server Name: =Awesome Exiles=
Direct connect:
Discord: h7cXJ9s


The Age of Calamitous-
Map Room Teleport Crystal-
AGmods-Looting and Disassembling-
Tier4 Thralls- Half Increased Spawn-


  • 2x experience 3x harvest.
    -Building damage is on from 12:01am Saturday to 10:00pm Sunday EST.
    -Subject to change. Discord will have alerts.
    -Avatars are turned off. But you can put a bubble up.
    -Clan size is 2. Sometimes solo-players need to combine forces.
    -This server is not about one huge clan or any clan dominating the landscape.
    -Global Chat/Grief channel is disabled.
    -Local Chat and Voice are enabled.
    -Land Claim is on.
    -Server Restarts are 12:00pm 6:00pm 12:00am 6:00am EST.
    -Building Abandonment is turned off but will be reinstated at a later time.


  1. Don’t be a Dick.
  2. No foundation Spamming.
  3. No blocking of valuable resources.
  4. No griefing.
  5. No attacking more than 2 bases of a clan in a 24 hour period.


Loyalty Tokens can be earned 2 ways.

  1. By destroying easygizer towers randomly placed around the map. The example seekers of the dawn tower is at the Sentinels. This one has no loot inside. Each chest shall contain 7-50 loyalty Tokens randomly. So during non raid time there may be towers out there that you can just demolish.

  2. Building a public map-room near an obelisk. 50 loyalty tokens. Map-room must be on a foundation, with no roof. and unprotected. See the example map-room at the Sentinels Paid once. PM easygizer. Usually online sometime Saturday or Sunday. You can destroy someone else’s map-room and install your own to claim 50 loyalty tokens. Closest map-room to obelisk is the “obelisk map-room”. Any other public map-rooms will be bombed by admin easygizer.

  3. Real life can get in the way sometimes. Ill do my best to get you the rewards. PM me if you are owed tokens and if you leave an unlocked box in your base, i can ghost in and deposit your reward.

That’s everything… Potentially do a full wipe and fresh start when the Big purge fixes update comes out. Thanks see you out there.