BLACKLISTED - PVP Fresh 6/8 - 2xExp/Harv No Gods

EXILES do you crave battle? Do you lust for the sound of steel tearing through flesh as your enemies cry out in bitter defeat? Well look no further than BLACKLISTED!

Check us out!:


  1. 20 Placed thrall max - This includes pets.

  2. No Building/Repairing while being raided.

  3. No Gods/God Bubbles

  4. No excessive land claim. IE non-functional builds around your base

  5. No bomb PvP - Fight like a real man!

  6. Keep Global Clean - Yes, I know we are a bunch of ‘Alpha Male’ wannabes so toxic vitriol is going to happen. But be adults to an extent. If asked by a GM to take it private then take it private

  7. No exploiting - Cheating, hacking, scripting, duping to ANY degree. If caught it will result in an instant ban. - GMs hold the right to ban for any suspicious activity.

  8. Raid Times Are 8PM-2AM EST

  9. ANY racist chat, clan names , character names will be an instant ban.

  10. If you are caught maliciously stream sniping someone who is streaming that will end in an instant ban. Watching stream is fine, but using it to stalk them, be toxic or using it as a recon tool is unacceptable.

  11. No excessive raid damage. Don’t be a dick and just foundation wipe people. We aren’t looking to wipe people off the server have some common courtesy.

  12. This falls under exploiting - But NO under mesh or outside of green wall bases. If you have to question what you’re doing then its probably an exploit. Ask a GM first.

  13. No crying or complaining to admins about being raided or griefed. Your cries will fall on deaf ears. This is a PvP server if you can’t handle it you should go elsewhere.

  14. Grace period. IF your base was successfully raided you have a 24 hour grace period to rebuild. You MUST request this from an admin by posting it in the server discord. During this time your clan is not allowed to be raided. If you request the grace period, you and your clan are not allowed to raid during that 24 hour time period, even as accomplices to another raid. It is highly suggested, and encouraged that while raiding one or both parties involved record the raid while it’s happening. This is to prevent any possible falsified accusations of cheating or rule-breaking during gameplay. If you petition an admin to report such activities, but have no evidence to support such claims, you are going to have a very hard time trying to get the result you want.