[US]PvP-70 Purge/Raid/Gods/Discord Heretic's Haven

Heretic’s Haven DISCORD
Visit the Discord Server in order to get more details on the rules, server, & additional information.

[US]PvP-70 Purge/Raid/Gods/Discord Heretic’s Haven
Connection Info:
Players (Max): 70
Server Type: PvP
Server Wiped: 5/25/2018

Battleye: ON ||
Max Clan Size: 7 || This is to encourage smaller clans rather than the ever-constant “blob effect”
Maximum Nudity: ON || Rock out with your c*ck out
Scripts: Basic || BC messages, daily reboot/backup etc…
Server Reboot/Backup: 3am-4am CST daily ||

Experience Rates: Vanilla ||
Player XP Multipliers: Vanilla || All ingame Stam/Health/Water/Thirst/Crafting/Damage/Etc default except Time Multiplier

Sandstorm: ON || Currently Enabled
Day/Night: Default || except for DTS 0.7 NTS 2.0
Installed Mods: None || Don’t plan on having them either

Gods: Allowed || Pray & pray some more
Raiding: Allowed || 5pm - 11pm CST Weekday; 12pm - 12am Weekend
Offline Raiding: Allowed || Conan Exiles is an unforgiving world
Killing Thralls: Allowed || Yes, your big-t*ty dancer is gone; drag $20 around the desert & get another…
100% Destruction of enemy Bases: Allowed || Conan Exiles is an unforgiving world
Role-Playing: Allowed || If you want to RP, fine, but nobody needs/has to RP. We don’t but you can if you want.

** We mention thralls, offline, 100% base destruction & other things because we know there are other servers with “server rules” saying if you do that you’ll be banned. We won’t ban you for those actions as it’s all part of PvP.

Basic Server Rules:

  • Use common sense
  • Don’t hack
  • Don’t foundation spam
  • Don’t break/prevent spawns
  • No vaults (until Funcom fixes them)

Prime real estate; beachfront property & scenic mountain vistas
70 pop server

Servers still new and fresh, just like that Human flesh