(PC) Come Join Server: Leeroy Jenkins, 5xXP, 5x Harvesting 24-7 PvP, No Avatars, Active Admin, Fair rules, Great Community

Are you looking for a cool group of people to experience the exiles with? Look no further and come join server Leeroy Jenkins. It is a fresh start with a welcoming community with so much to give to people who like to build and to Pvp. If you have questions just message me. The server is more populated in the afternoon.

Server Name:Leeroy Jenkins PvP US No Avatars 5x XP, 5 x Harvesting.

Direct connect:

PVP Server

Age Restrictions: N/A

Location of Server: North America

Max capacity of server: 20 for now but will increase soon

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/kGwrsVn

We are an open server

Server Settings
XP rate: x5
Gathering Rate: x5
Day/Night Ratio: standard
Hunger/Thirst settings: standard
Drop Equipment on Death: yes
God Avatars Enabled: No Gods
Containers Ignore Ownership: yes
The Purge Activated: yes
Max Clan Size: 5 clan members

Weekday raid schedule: 6 PM EST - 12 AM EST
Weekend raid schedule: 6 PM EST - 12 AM EST.

*Raid restriction weekly basis. Get to know your community and build something special.

*Event log doesn’t show player names (not even admins can see). If you don’t get caught, you should be able to get away with it.

*No purge time restrictions

*Peak Play Times: We have activity around the clock, but our highest numbers are in the evenings.

  • Does the Server use Mods? No

Server Ruleset:

  1. Please help keep the server running smoothly by avoiding unnecessary building and thrall clutter. We won’t impose a hard limit on this unless we must. But overall build where you want to and experience the exiles like a true barbarian.

  2. This is a PVP server, but with PVE in mind.

  3. There will be zero admin intervention in conflicts. In game-admin actions will be limited to maintenance issues, rules violations and dealing with exploiters. Admin is only there to keep the game running smoothly.


We will be hosting weekend tournaments soon!

Editing this because the poster changed the server that it was posted for. I have not played on this server and the server owner left the old server over drama that they created.

Finally a server without giant clans running the show. I even scored a good base location. Thanks for the recommendation!


If anyone has questions please don’t hesitate just message me!


I can’t find the server.

Well send me a message if you still want to join

I am also building dungeons for the server and there will be weekly tournaments

XP 10x bonus weekend…5x harvesting and 10x xp. Come join and start on a fresh server…


Jarod a few of you caused drama and lied that is all :smile: Please don’t come on the forums posting lies. Last time I checked I created this recruitment forum and you guys are using my template but that is fine. Also I have a time stamp on my template so I can prove that it is mine. But you are all welcome to join my server in the future. And if you wanted to you could of always just deleted you post lol

Great server new so plenty of areas to build . Lots of fun so far and no gads makes it worth while

Fun server admin runs dungeon for player challenges, gives nice reward.


10xp and 10x harvesting weekend has started. If you have any questions come on discord!

10xp and 10x harvesting weekend has started. If you have any questions come on discord! Come join a new server and level fast and be part of the community

Server is looking for active players who want to Pvp and to Pve come join us.
Also looking for people to join to participate in the new dungeon.