New Server Come Join! PVP 24/7 Raid Times 5-11 PM PST weekends. 2X Harvest and XP Fresh Server 5/27

Are you tired of joining a server to find out that is overrun by cheaters and exploiters? Are you tired of joining a server just to be bullied by narcissistic individuals for no reason? Are you looking for a cool group of people to experience the exiles with? Look no further and come join server Codex Alera. It is a fresh start with a welcoming community with so much to give to people who like to build and to Pvp. If you have questions just message me. Server is more populated in the afternoon.

Server Name: Codex Alera(New 5-27 / 24-7 PVP / WEEKEND RAIDING 5-11 PM PST

Direct connect:

PVP Server

Age Restrictions: N/A

Location of Server: North America

Max capacity of server: 40

Discord (or other) Server:

We are an open server

Server Settings
XP rate: x2
Gathering Rate: x2
Day/Night Ratio: standard
Hunger/Thirst settings: standard
Drop Equipment on Death: yes
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: yes
The Purge Activated: yes
Max Clan Size: 10 clan members

Weekday raid schedule: Raiding off during the week
Weekend raid schedule: 6PM PST - 11PM PST.

Daily server reboots every 24 hours 3AM PST

*Event log doesn’t show player names (not even admins can see). If you don’t get caught, you should be able to get away with it.
*No purge time restrictions

*Peak Play Times: We have activity around the clock, but our highest numbers are in the evenings.

  • Does the Server use Mods? No

Server Ruleset:

  1. Please help keep the server running smoothly by avoiding unnecessary building and thrall clutter. We won’t impose a hard limit on this unless we must. But overall build where you want to and experience the exiles like a true barbarian.
  2. This is a PVP server, but with PVE in mind.
  3. There will be zero admin intervention in conflicts. In game-admin actions will be limited to maintenance issues, rules violations and dealing with exploiters. Admin is only there to keep the game running smoothly.

This server is powerful fun, 5 stars.

If you like to base raid on weekend but like to encounter world pvp 24/7… this server provides that. Still plenty of great places to build here since server is new. The non base raiding during the weekday allows you to build up and fortify.


Oh and Map Rooms are already up and the porting locations (within eyeshot of them).


This is a great non-toxic server – not having to worry about raiding 7 days a week is awesome.

Community builder as of last night for raiding too… will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Hey guys long time no see, maybe Fiction will come play…

This looks so fun!

hell yea come on by

The builder has made and outpost for us to destroy this weekend at Raid Time!

Why do PvP servers always seem to set max clan size to a quarter or more of the server?

This server has a lot of open areas to build, friendly players that will help you get started if you need and some weekend events for pvp and raiding to satisfy those that like to raid with some challenge and rewards at the end. As a veteran player of Conan it’s been a while since I was able to join a server that’s fun and non toxic. Admins are professional and care about building up the server.

Having a blast so far. I really dig having a week to build before worrying about getting raided and trying to raid. Come join us!

Next Server event is this coming weekend during raid time. The Architect has been busy for the last 4 days getting this ready for us. Wish I could be there but if you join the server and find it in time …you know where its located and then you will know what you are up against and have the rest of the week to prepare.


Barbarians this is what we are up against for the raid this weekend. Gonna be a challenge for sure.


Cant wait to crack this base

You guys do this weekly? That’s bad ■■■ :@

XP has been increased on this server to be 5x to speed up peoples leveling and then they can prepare for raiding. Come join us folks!