[AU] [PVP] ZSU Gaming comes to Conan Exiles PvP on PC!

ZSU Gaming has finally come to Conan Exiles! With the recent commissioning of our new beast of a server, we bring Conan Exiles into our fleet of servers for the Australian PC Gaming public, joining our fleet of Squad, ARMA, Space Engineers, ARK and 7DTD servers.

ZSU Gaming prides itself on providing the best server experience. We own our hardware and colocate in Brisbane, so you will have the best hardware, on a great connection - because as a player you expect no less. No gPortal, no nasty GSP server slowing down, just good old fashioned 24/7 horsepower!

We’re building our playerbase at present, but we’re gearing for the best PvP experience you could ever want, just like all our other servers in our fleet. Big TPS, big bases, big players, and big battles. Get amongst it!

Check us out on Discord (You can find us in the Server Discovery tool, we’re the partnered server with the same name) for all the details, and I’ll see you all in game!

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