Audio drops out on PS4 version

I bought the PS4 disc version and I’m having regular audio stutters where the audio will drop out entirely for a second or two. Not sure what’s going on but it’s annoying when it happens during cutscenes with dialogue. I’m playing on PS4 Pro with a hybrid hard drive on a 4K TV if that helps. Anyone else have similar issues and is there anything being done about it?

Played the game again today and it’s still doing it. No one else has witnessed this?

I’ve made a video demonstrating the audio drop outs and uploaded it to youtube.

Still happening. Do the developers not bother checking the forums anymore? Sent a message with video link to one of the moderators to pass on and no reply from them either. Doesn’t seem like they care about their game anymore.

Hey Dreamstation,

It might be that the game isn’t fully optimized to work on a hybrid hard drive. Unfortunately there are no future patches planned for the game, so this issue will not be addressed.

Hey thanks for responding. After reading your post this morning I installed the game onto the PS4 Pro in the bedroom which still has the original stock hard drive and it still has the audio stutter when you load into an area. It might not be as bad but it’s definitely still there. Sad to hear that you won’t be fixing the issue. Guess I’ll have to manage through.

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