Am i the only one experiencing a lot of stuttering during gameplay?

So i just recently started up my old ps4 to play some conan and i’ve been getting a lot of stuttering during gameplay. Am i the only one experiencing this?

This is in singlepalyer so it’s not lag

I’ve seen exactly this after taking a break for seven months. Tested with a friend, and while they’re not getting it as severe as I am, we went to the same places with the same settings as when we last played; the game was insanely more stuttery than before.

We’ve just done some testing and have found a couple problem areas. I’ll be posting a video showing the exact places where the stuttering is extremely pronounced.

When you notice the stutter, take a note of the exact position where it happens, then pan the camera around trying to trigger it again. We’ve noticed there’s a specific place where the stutter can be triggered with an ever so slight camera movement back and forth.

I’ll be updating my post with the deets once I’ve got the time to focus and get some proper recordings.

The bad news, no you’re definitely not the only one with this issue.
Yes, it’s on single and multi play so that rules out lag. It’s on PC as well and has been for a very long time for some of us. It’s on different platforms and different PC builds even some that far exceed system requirements for the game. It happens at varying degrees for different people. The only thing that’s made any kind of difference for me is when an update, patch, or hotfix is released. The problem seemed better after the mounts update, but went back to being a nuisance following a December hotfix.

The worse news, they’ve known about this problem for a very long time. There was an extensive thread on these forums back in December '18 and the issue persists for some. Apparently it doesn’t rate a high enough priority for Funcom to worry about, so don’t hold your breath for a fix.

Currently I haven’t played the game in months because of it and I check the forums once a day to see if there’s anything new pertaining to the issue, but I probably won’t even be doing that much longer.

There have been various causes of stutters. Back in 2018, it was due to a garbage collection settings being set to true by default. The devs then disabled it, as users reported the stutter vanishing. This was a much more intense and frequent stutter. That’s since been solved.

There was also another form of stutter that occurred on AMD CPUs during Early Access builds, which was due to a bug with the audio middleware. That has since been solved.

Now there’s been a new form of stutter introduced somewhere between the Derketo DLC, and the current release of Conan Exiles. At specific points of the map, you’ll suddenly get a frame stutter. This is affected by camera angle, to the point where if you stand in the right spot and just twitch your camera from right to left repeatedly, it’s a nauseating experience. I’ve posted videos and timestamps of this specific stutter in this thread: Horrific stuttering (i7 6700k, Vega 56)

Maybe reinstall?

I’ve noticed this a little bit on my PS4 Pro as well. I had a pretty bad case yesterday where I could not move inventories between me and a bench. I restarted my PS4 and it cleared right up. Kind of odd though because it started happening recently and PS4 hasn’t had any changes for awhile.