Auto Repair on Damaged Buildings when server restarts

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Age of War (Oceania Solo PVP server)
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Damage caused to buildings seems to be auto repaired when server restarts - not sure if this is intended or not. Also tried in Single Player mode and same thing: damaged pieces are at 100% after restarting game (which I assume is almost the same as a server restart effectively?)

Bug Reproduction:

All buildings on server seem to be at 100% after server restart whether owners have logged in and repaired them or not. Could be they logged on when I did not notice but I have not seen a single player on this server for a week and I check regularly. If this is a bug, it is handy in a way as it repairs all the ones you can’t get to. If it’s not a bug, I might have missed the patch notes where it was introduced?

Does the age of your server stay on zero in the server list?


It’s not my server, I just play there a little. It is on zero age now. I also saw a Twitch streamer yesterday with this issue occurring - that’s how I noticed it. He mentioned something about seeing damage on buildings means it’s been damaged that day as it always resets on server restart. I told him it doesn’t work that way and he said it was a recent thing and wasn’t sure if it was a bug. Don’t think he was on official though, might have been private server and might have also had the “zero age” bug (I got rid of that bug using Xevyr’s fix on my own server when I had one). But it did also occur on Single Player when I switched PVP and building damage on - restarted and damage was fixed. Have not been able to test on official server yet though. Interested if anyone on Officials can test it or has done so recently.

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We had a Siptah server for a couple years. 10 slot pve-c. Did not realize to start that decay was reset after each reset . Our original Exiles server has decay working properly shows days of being up. The Siptah server said 0 days. From people I have talked to it is a Gportal setting issue. Originally Gportal points finger at Funcom but those who have had it fixed got with Gportal. Can not tell you what to do we shut Ours down. Calling Gportal is better than sending messages. @KamikazeHamster . Good luck report what it takes to fix so others have a solution. Thank you :blush:

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Thank you @sestus2009 , I always enjoy your replies - much respect. In this case I’m actually hoping it’s NOT a bug because it leaves the bases blown open just as they were, just saves the hassle of having to track down every damaged piece, including the annoying ones that are just a little too low to hit with a repair hammer, or below ground etc. But seems like it must be tied to that 0 age problem (which server owners can fix by following the steps @Xevyr has posted in his Discord - link to his Discord via Steam here: steam://openurl_external/Steam Community , then go to xevyrs-guides-and-information and search for Guide: How to fix your “server age: 0” bug). Curious to see what it’s all about though - and if it is tied to the zero age issue then maybe Funcom will look at both issues and make a call on whether to include self repairing walls etc as an intended feature?

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Connected with discord will go into and read later

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