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*** I’m on the Xbox one x. I press select on my controller, then I go to settings, after I go to settings I go to server settings and press the A button, after that I go down to combat. I want to change the lifetime duration and summoning duration, but I don’t see that option here at all. Can I change this on Xbox? Can I only change this before I start the game? Is it a bug? Can you explain in detail how I can change the avatars summoning and lifetime duration? Thank you. P.S I just stared new game to check it and the avatar lifetime duration is only available before starting new game but the lifetime duration is greyed out one can’t be adjusted? Why is this? Thank you

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Try plugging a keyboard into your xbox and press the insert button, this will open the admin panel, if you have admin rights try the command /set avatarlifetimeduration followed with 30, 60 or 90.

I did some looking after I read your post and found a page where it said it is unclear if the setting currently working… I will look in the settings of gportal, and try the command on my private server to see if I can get it to work. And will reply here at a later moment

I see the admin panel. It can be accessed with a controller but it says spawn npcs and player list

I tried sending a picture but it says new users can’t upload pictures??? That’s dumb

Use an image sharing site and link to it.

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