Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate glowing like a rave party

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Visual Issue]
Region: [North America]

Before this very recent patch on xbox I got the awakened staff of the triumvirate. I put it down and really enjoyed the awkward conversations he would start. After this recent patch the staff’s textures do not load correctly and show the staff to be a bright/light purple and green, unless the staff is as close as it can be to the camera which then it will show correctly. I have noticed this on Official server #2508 Pve-Conflict server - g-portal us

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
I am not to sure how to reproduce but from what I would guess.
1: Have a Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate placed before the most recent Xbox patch (as of 23/06/2018)
2: Download the most recent patch and the staff should be raving.
3: Party hard

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got the same with the pile of glowing coal behind the throne of the witch queen, it has green/magenta/blue and red squares which dissapear if you move closer

and the khitan dlc lamps are black :roll_eyes: even tho they give light…

My improved preservation boxes are doing the same thing. I also have this weird purple grass popping up through some of my foundations. The grass act like they may be an artifact image that only show up while I first walk into the area.

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