Ayudenme por favor

I want to report a beastwiener clan construction on the official 2811 pve server, it was made around a thrall wheel of my clan to obstruct the entrance in H, 4 xbox and I don’t know how?

Hey there ! Here is the link of the topic you seek : Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

I suggest you to read it all carefully since it helps you understand why you maybe can’t pm yet a community member in the note for new users

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Hola pues en un pve no hay forma de contrarrestar el bloqueo, lo único que puedes hacer es o denunciar a la empresa o cerrar ese muro que te an colocado pero eso último es una pérdida de tiempo lo mejor es que lo hagas la rueda cerca de un campamento o zona donde no permite construir,

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