Banned Over a Base That Was Not Even Mine

when you join a clan. you are also responsible for the activity of your clan members

@NeonOctopus yep, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Obviously you still held membership in that clan on the other server which makes the participating account eligible for suspension :man_shrugging:

Let it be a lesson learned. If you’re not going to be active in a clan on a different server then leave the clan when you leave the server. You can always rejoin if you return.

Why do they not reply until then? Can I send them a message on the bug report, saying that they are not replying on the ban report, and explain?

This is completely ridiculous. Do they not even bother to look into the situation before they just blanket ban an entire clan?

Yes but I didn’t personally do anything. Why do they hold the entire clan responsible for the activity of one of the members without even listening to reports from the other members?

@Moderator hey people don’t read message stating game rules once they enter in a server. could you find another solution please ? :catbap: :catbap:

What solution?

you already got your answer in the other post you made.

Banned due to a clan I once joined on another server - General Discussion / Feedback - Funcom Forums

to find a solution to force all players to read the rules. because you ignored it

Yes I get that, but the point is that that is NOT A SUFFICIENT ANSWER. How do I grab Funcom’s attention and get around their BS?

Something like this

you dont.
Its not BS, its the Rules they made for playing on Official Servers.

if you have not done so, I suggest you read this:

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Yes but how do I get their attention to shout some sense into them to actually look at the situation rather than behave like thralls who had the reanimation spell used on them?

I dont think you can remove the ban

Yeah funcom wont lift a temporary suspension so unfortunately you just have to pause for a while.

I read it, there is a problem then, well two. First none of this says anything about being liable for another clan members actions. Secondly there is this paragraph here:

If they blanket banned everyone in a clan including people who only joined it on a visit then it follows that they DID NOT “directly investigate the server” as stated in the rules.

Or at the very least, they if they are going to “try to collect as many reports as possible from the specified server and investigate each report individually and hold reports of each type to the same standards” then they SHOULD reply to my own report.

Are they going to do this as they have claimed in their own rules?


Well I suppose if that is so, it is lucky that it is summer and the timers on my actual server can outpace the suspension.