Barbarian Edition AoC code Redux!

Problem Solved!

If any has this code, offering the same price as the Barbarian Edition – so you get all your money back. That’s what we like to call a win-win-win in the paper industry :wink:

Apologies in advance for beating a dead horse (esp if it had good stats!), but am a bit desperate here. Feel free to ask around within your clans :sweat_smile:. I assure you, I will be eternally grateful.

…Well, okay, maaaybe not eternally. But least a solid 20-30 years!!

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Still looking. Thanks all for taking time to check. /bearhug

Hmm… perhaps this week will be the week?!

What say you, any early morning/afternoon (well, wherever you are) gamers looking to make $60 today!?

I tried the claim link as you suggested and got an email with 3 claim codes…

  1. “The Coming of Conan” eBook

  2. Robert E. Howard’s Conan Role-playing game: RPG Core Book

  3. Exclusive in-game items for the Age of Conan MMO

I have tried out the Age of Conan mmo game for a few minutes many years ago and I don’t think I used any code, is there any way I can check if the code is still valid and unused?

The reason I ask is because I simply cannot remember if I used any of these codes when I originally bought the barbarian edition :slight_smile:

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A “Solution” has been found. Thank you again, Frillen!

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