Barbarian Edition AoC code

Hello Exiled,

I’m searching for someone who purchased the Barbarian Edition of this game but did not use their code for the AoC MMO claims. Preferably three someones, as I have a couple friends who are also interested in getting their hands on one.

To check whether you bought this version of the game and have access to an unused code, visit and sign in w/ your Steam account. Thanks for checking!

Probably a longshot, but figured this was the best place to ask. You can respond here or drop me a PM if you would prefer, and hopefully we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. I can even join your server and farm mats for you… your very own personal, intelligent thrall.

Good luck to all the other Exiled.

Anyone? Anyone? …Bueller?

:sob: ← This represents my sadness.

60 dollah! Plus (plus!!) a personal man slave.

New offer: my firstborn!

Yog worshippers would like that. Baby. The other, other white meat. As for the code, have you tried searching on ebay etc? You may find an unused sealed copy of AoC with a code.

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That won’t work. He’s not after a copy of AoC. What he’s after is a code that came with the purchase of Conan Exiles Barbarian Edition, which came with all kinds of goodies like ebooks, soundtracks, and a special code for AoC that granted a few really nice in game items. What he wants is that AoC code. Unfortunately, that edition was discontinued a while back for some reason.

So yeah, it’s a real long shot at best.

I can only guess it was discontinued because they couldn’t provide some of the included items anymore for whatever reason. Stuff like the t-shirt or some of the comic books, which had to be redeemed by a certain date.

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I suggested looking for a sealed copy of that edition due to the likelyhood of the codes not being redeemed. Yes, you can find preorder and X edition codes by themselves on ebay, but run the risk of them either being region locked or already used. Any physical items would have shipped with the game in a very large box. Codes however, are usually inside the disc case. BE AoC most likely discontinued when Dark Horse lost the Conan rights to Marvel.


You’re not listening. There is no barbarian edition of AoC. That is a different game entirely. The barbarian edition the OP is asking about was a special version of Conan Exiles which included a code you could redeem that would give you special items in Age of Conan as a cross promotion. A digital collectors edition, basically. The t-shirt was shipped separately after you gave them your shipping address.

There was a physical collectors edition of CE, but that did not include the AoC item code. There was also a day one edition, which also did not include the AoC item code.

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I have bought several copies of items, but I have only one Barbarian Edition. Thanks to your helpful redemption reminder I know my AoC code is unclaimed. Is your using it worth more than my possessing it?

Classic Conan question.

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I have two shirts… :smirk:

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