Barbarian Edition AoC code

Hello Exiled,

I’m searching for someone who purchased the Barbarian Edition of this game but did not use their code for the AoC MMO claims. Preferably two someones, as I have a friend who is also interested in getting his hands on a code.

Probably a longshot, but figured this was the best place to ask. You can respond here or drop me a PM if you would prefer, and hopefully we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. I can even join your server and farm mats for you… your very own personal, intelligent thrall.

To check whether you bought this version of the game and have access to an unused code, visit and sign in w/ your Steam account. Thanks for checking!

Good luck to all the other Exiled.

Anyone? Anyone? …Bueller?

;_; ← This represents my sadness.