Barren Utopia PVP-E/RP 18+

Barren Utopia
(E)RP - PvP/PvE (18+)
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The land was Barren, but in Zoria’s distorted eyes, she saw it as a Utopia. It hummed with magic and she sensed beings from other realms, would soon discover the rift she’d torn open. What she did not know, was that there were others there already. Orcs and elves from distant villages, camps, townships had already taken their claim to parts of the lands. She’d discovered some of the magic that was there already, but the elves seemed to protect it well enough… even though they didn’t know the true power of the magic itself.
Soon enough, creatures from all over the realms started to make their way into this Barren Utopia.

Orcs, Elves, Draenei, Minotaur, Humans, Reptilian, Lesser Demons, Goblins, Werewolves… What will you become??

⦁ Helpful and active Admin team
⦁ Player Incentive Program
⦁ Centralized Community Center - Great place for roleplay
⦁ Many opportunities for PvP but most of the map is designated safe.
⦁ Player based commerce and Player managed merchants available.
⦁ ERP Tools available for those who wish but not “in your face” for those who do not.
⦁ Hosted by ServerBlend, minimal downtime and fast response to Mod updates.
⦁ Server-wide RP theme. Come create your story!
⦁ Warps to points of interest and Map room
⦁ Hosted RP events
⦁ Level cap of 300, Attributes capped at level 150 and No cap on Feats

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