New Server PVP-RP (E enabled) 18+

Barren Utopia features a war between Elven and Orc nations, each with their own governed territories. Members of these races are KOS to each other. Humans represent a neutral race though there are tension areas. The Volcano region is decreed a high conflict zone as races compete to control high value resources there.

Additionally, the town of Sepermeru is afflicted with insanity during the night hours on Sunday. It is speculated sorcerous mischief from sources within the Wine Cellar causes murderous rage during these times. The town is consider a KOS zone during these times.

The server is RP based. Everything local must be in character.

Direct Connect: IP:

Steam Connect: IP:
Hosted by ServerBlend

Mod List:

  • Pippi
  • Fashionist
  • CNC
  • Glass Construction and More
  • Emberlight
  • Savage Steel
  • Savage Steel II
  • Thrall War Dungeon
  • Thrall War Decorations
  • ExilesExtreme
  • Immerse RP
  • Conan Sexiles
  • RP Aesthetics
  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling
  • SexySilentLegionArmor
  • DungeonMasterTools
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Shadows of Skelos
  • Northern Timber
  • WonderBody
  • Exiled Lands Improved
  • All The Little Things
  • CharEditLite
  • Warrior Mutator
  • Pickup+
  • ExtremeColors
  • Slaver Mod
  • Conspirator Armor
  • Roleplay 1.8.1
  • Primal armor
  • Stacksize Plus v1.7.1
  • Unlock Plus (With Pickup)
  • GrimProductions

Welcome to the lands of Zoria, a goddess who created this world as a lark. She presides over it as it’s Queen and watches. The peoples of Zoria keep her quite entertained, the elves lithe and light make their home in the jungles while the Orcs brawny and tough live in the deserts. The two peoples are at war, they seem to always have been in conflict yet none can remember why. The humans are a third race who avoid the war although they aren’t afraid to profit from it. They live their lives in all sorts of climates, adventuring and feeding the warmachines their supplies.

Server Features:

  • XP 3xs Harvest 4xs, Fast crafting and resource respawn rate
  • Max level 300
  • Purge = Yes
  • Racial Bonuses
  • Body stays in world, Drop on death but only player can loot their own body
  • Starter kits designed for each race
  • Server based lore
  • Trial of Champions building will host Admin sponsored weekly/monthly events
  • Open air arena for PvP
  • Welcome Center with stalls to place thespian vendors
  • Highlands Ale House for fine wine and beverages. Great for meeting new people and roleplay
  • Orc and Elf Hubs. Also marked domains for each race to build on - Lore and PvP rules set in server
  • Warps to various locations on the map
  • Weekly Quests
  • Convenient Caravans at low cost
  • Hidden Treasure Chests
  • Designated mobs have gold loot drops
  • Thespians to purchase at a low cost
  • Weekly lottery
  • Coin to Pippi Gold conversion
  • Conflict zones defined for increased RP/PvP

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