Barrow King lost in floor

Dedicated server with several mods, but none that should change him in any way. Not tried unmodded yet as I have a few users on the server.

Anyone else run across similar?

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Just now responded to a player knocking an elk king inside the mesh.

I had this happen in single player with no mods quite some time ago. The Barrow King glitched into the floor in the area to the right/north of the stairs/entrance to his cave.

Hey @sirvink

We’ll send note to our team to cure the Barrow King’s stage fright.
Thanks for the feedback.


This happens to me almost every time I go there. :frowning:

Had this happen on my server the other day as well. When I ghosted into the floor, he was hanging out under the altar. Doing a Shift+Delete on him got the player who was there the journey step, and I then manually spawned them the Diadem and Demon Blood they were due*.

* I say “due” because in an attempt to spawn the proper boss for them, I ended up spawning the Warmaker’s Sanctuary version which ended up being a much tougher fight for their level 40 character. So in my book, they definitely earned it! :sweat_smile:


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