Battle Pass and Black Lotus Market

Excuse me - can someone explain how often the Bazar is updated? Or - there is no system? Single “lots” appear to have been updated once a week, and all content other than the “basic” set of magical attributes after the first two weeks. Since then - all content is unchanged. For example, I would like to buy a set of Aces armor - will I have such an opportunity?

I think the current collection was extended for 1 more week. I’m waiting for the aesir accountrements they showcased during the stream.

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they are not hidden in the mound of the dead or the temple of frost?

That’s Pride of the Aesir.
Basically a Black ice medium armour set.

The other set, Aesir Raider is an (also) medium set like other DLC sets, with a basic and epic version that looks sorta like Marvel’s Thor.
It should be in the Bazaar eventually.


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A new set, nice :slight_smile: thank you for the information :slight_smile:

I’d love to love the Aesir set, but I can’t stand those boob-cones. Other than that it’s a great-looking armor.

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