Store (Bazaar) update

Good afternoon, I’m addressing the game developers. Guys, is it possible to update the store (bazaar) more often? I want to buy multi-colored wall torches at the market. They haven’t appeared for a long time. Somehow it gets boring to log into the game every day and see the same thing at the market. Thank you.


true…they should design the Bazar in a way that gives access to everthing and regularely have sales on certain items. Some people don’t even play the game for the time it takes to rotate an item.


Good Day Everyone and Special Greetings to the Developers. I seriously pose the question: can’t the bazaar be made bigger? It is so hard? The same thing every day, some kind of “game”, not interesting offers that I don’t like. I don’t even want to go in and play. Not serious somehow

I wish they get rid of the entire shop rotation strategy…

They mentioned it once in a livestream if they have more items in the Bazaar they might change it to a shop always showing everything into categories.

I would say… now is the time.


Yep, agree. There is a certain set I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, to rotate back in. But instead, the same couple sets rotate through multiple times (not sure how many different ways and bundles that Aesir set has been offered). And now we’re getting to the point that they are altering bundles to provide uber bundles or changing the items in the bundles so who knows when/if you’ll see the one you actually want.


The last thing I’ve purchased for the game was the People of the Dragon DLC. I don’t have any intention of buying Crom Coin for the Bazaar until every item is available at all times. I haven’t even opened the Bazaar page to see what is for sale since Age of Sorcery.

I won’t tell people how to play or spend their money, but I will point out that if many more did as I have been doing, then they would reconsider the item availability strategy. Not only am I not afraid of missing out, I don’t even know what I am missing. I am willing to make purchases, but only if the full inventory is available to see and purchase at any given time.


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