Any plans to update the bazaar?

I just watched the chapter 3 dev stream and it looks like a lot of cool things are being added to the black lotus bazaar. Dennis originally said the reason items are in rotation is because they didn’t have enough items to fill it out. Now that we have a significant amount of items for purchase, are there any plans to update the shop to adapt to this?

More items available at a given time?
Letting us choose individual items in the bundles offered?
Access to the entire store at once?


I doubt it, the reason for the limited selection is FOMO. They were always able to put everything on there.


The more you check bazaar if your desired item is available - the more you are inclined to buy something you don’t need - at least FUNCOM thinks it works like this.

And letting you just buy what you like, instead of forcing you into overspending CC on a bloated offer? :grin:

And showing everyone full inventory of bazaar is worth more then 20k CC (with all fake discounts applied) whilst the game itself barely justifies 30 dollar price tag?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the rotation should be a sale rotation. The entire store should always be available, but items would rotate in and out of sale discounts.


Most of your points I agree with, but I didn’t think it’d be helpful to write on the off chance a dev actually paid attention to this post :stuck_out_tongue: It can’t hurt in a forum post to assume they might want to give their customers a positive experience, even if they ultimately have their hands tied by corporate greed and the power of FOMO.

But yes, that takes a truly stupid amount of optimism.


Updates to Bazaar would be nice, but I’d really rather see adjustment to prices. The over-pricing in the Bazaar is getting stupid. Today they released the Hyrkanian Plansrider set: a saddle, a sword and a decor piece…$8.50 or so. That’s ridiculous.

So yes, Funcom, please make some updates to the Bazaar, AFTER you adjust the insane prices.


I am happy that it doesn’t work that way for me, I love to browse stores that have luxury items, just to see what rich people buy and dream about it, but I never buy anything from them :grin:

The same roughly goes for the Bazaar even though I technically could afford some of the items, I simply feel that I could get so much more for such amount of money like for example buying a new game or just spend those money on real life stuff :smile:

That said I did however buy the Sandstone superset, I still found it a bit expensive, but it did add value to my game play since I love to once in while start a new character on a new private or official server and then sandstone building is important to me, well at least until I have the resources to build something in T3 :slight_smile:


This one would likewise enjoy an end to the inventory rotation soon. Perhaps when the next Age drops.
The idea of rotating special packages and deals is a solid one.

It had been mentioned that they wanted to have different categories in the Bazaar, perhaps one tab for Castles and Strongholds, another for Arms and Equipment, Acting school for emotes, a decal shop…

While they may hold at the current incarnation for awhile, this one expects the shift in the format to accompany a shift in the “Age”. Whether the upcoming one, or the next.


We bought a butt load of Crom Coins when this whole thing started my wife spent quite a bit and is happy with what she got. I purchased the Storm glass set and will hold on to my 5400 Crom Coins until I see something worth purchasing .Have spent the cash just waiting for something worthwhile.


Honestly, this one is very interested in the Turan expansion set.
It looks to have large domes, rounded corners, and curtain or drape style walls, good for tent building.

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At this point have not seen all the new stuff in video. Cat went ape shhhitabittt ago bleeding again. :flushed:


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Jango and the puppy Caden don’t necessarily get along unless Jango is asleep on his perch.

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They are new to each other?
Or just unhappy neighbours?

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We have had Caden around 8 months and he wants to play with the cats and they don’t like it especially Jango.

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Hey guys, can you find somewhere else to talk about this? You’re sending me notifications for things that have nothing to do with the topic. @sestus2009 @LostBrythunian



Limited selection is just a giant middle-finger to new and returning players like me.

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