Delete the Bazaar

I’ve been wanting to buy something, but it’s been months and months and months since I last saw it.

What’s the point of this? Fear of missing out? To price gouge me when I finally do see it for sale?

I have summer events coming up next week and I think I’ll just spend my money on other games instead.

Does Funcom not want my money? How am I going to get price gouged If I’m not spending money?


Sorry but :grin:


This Bazaar shop was awkward from the start.
And now instead of getting new items I see “revisited” items that I already got from the battle pass.

They suck even at sucking money :rofl:


If they’d just let those who missed a battlepass play through/purchase it later, maybe we wouldn’t see the recolored, revisited versions.

They honestly should just do away with the rotation cycle and allow everything to be purchased at full price at any time.

From that point, introduce sales on rotation as they do now with items on full rotation.

The current discounts seem a bit disingenuous, which is one of the first complaints people had about the bazaar. The introduction of discounts for temporarily available items that rarely or never are available at full price.

Pushy consumer trickery, but honestly in my opinion it’s just silly not having most things available at all times, such as emotes.

There was a Hyrkanian bundle available somewhere the past week for example which i in theory would like if:
i can afford it;
has accompanying culture packs such as DLCs.

So, say if they do suddenly release Hyrkanian Tarps & tents, structures, crafting tables, armors and weapons the coming 3 months. I would be more inclined to buy the hyrkanian Pulwar + Saddle + Trophy Stake but they’re out of rotation and who knows when it’ll come back.

I know that they would want players to buy it with that possibility in mind, but it just makes me wholly avoid it since i dislike having too much of a circus stylistically in my playthrough, or have items i bought that aren’t used in any build at all.

So currently if i have all DLCs the only cultural playthroughs fully available to me to expand upon with bazaar items would be:

Yamatai / Khitan;
Khitan /Hyrkanian maybe?;
Argossean / Aquilonian / Barachan / melting pot;
Nemedian / Hyborian / Nordic / Aesir (excellently covered in base game + bazaar + DLC);
Pictish / Khambujan / Black Kingdoms / Savage;
Poitain / Zingaran / Barachan / Zamoran;
Stygian (excellently covered with the base game + bazaar);
Stormglass (Sorcerous) / Acheronian;
Turanian / Vendhyan / Shemite.

Which is quite a lot of options at first glance, were it not that a lot of these pairings are made -very- liberally and should ideally not even be made seeing as some pairings aren’t geographically or politically logical. Just purely going by visual style and personal opinion.

That means i simply won’t buy the loose items for insufficiently expanded upon cultures, which mostly just leaves the DLCs and whatever i can staple together with those as the core.

Even without dipping into the topic of the actual price of some bazaar items, a missed opportunity in my opinion.


I missed out on the relic torch pack the other day lol.
It really is crazy they don’t have a better store setup than this.

I have seen soo many other titles with tabs/pages worth of items with various sales for holidays it’s crazy these people won’t do that.
A page for armors, building sets, paints, and etc.


Apparently the design of the Bazaar is some advanced Chinese mind tricks designed to suck us out dry.

Apparently it does not work with western mentality customers and just causes frustration. You really want to buy something, but you cant.

Can’t or don’t want to spend that much?

Been waiting for the Pictish Rite set for months. Instead it’s either crap I don’t want and crap I already have popping up multiple times.


It’s a complaint about the rotation FOMO baloney, not about the pricing.


You can’t.
You happen to play Conan and then you see that cool shiny on the bazaar.
But you’re going to bed and don’t want to look for your card in the middle of the night. Then the life happens and you return to the game 3 days later.
You get into the game with your card in hand. But sorry, the shiny is gone…
You can’t buy it anymore… maybe next time… if you won’t miss the next time.

From my perspective Funcom is losing money.
I am buyig what I actually like. I am not buying everything because it’s going to disappear. I purchase only the items I like. And if they are not available then I am not spending the money on something else.
But maybe I’m a strange shopper IDK.


i think you hit the nail on the head, for the most part. i’ll leave out the east vs west cultural assumptions, cuz i am not well-versed enough on the subject to have a data-based opinion.

i think consumers prefer to go to a buffet. the food truck fomo trend hit big several years ago, but has petered out in my opinion. it was a flash-in-the-pan. i think the marketing and sales strategy in the video game industry is the same way. from what i understand, most games have given up on the food truck style, and make more money from the buffet. i think the game, now that it approaches maintenance mode where the vast majority of future updates are likely to only be cosmetic bazaar offerings, needs to change the strategy.
the dedicated players are going to continue to play the game on a regular basis, but many veterans have been fatigued by the age of war and have been taking breaks and coming back for a bit, then leaving to take more breaks. new players will discover the game, fall in love, and invest time into it, but most will eventually move on and drift in and out like the veterans.

for an example from my own gaming. i fell in love with assassin’s creed valhalla. i have always been big into norse mythology, culture, and history. mixed with open world exploration and what i felt was an immersive world, i was hooked. so i put money into the game, buying the ubisoft crypto coins and getting armor and items that looked cool and enhanced my immersion. played the game thru the main story twice, explored every nook and cranny, did the dlc missions a couple of times, and enjoyed my play. i have not played it since then. if ac valhalla had a store similar to funcom’s with 4 or 5 items available at a time, i would probably have bought a couple of them, but they would have gotten waaaay less of my money.

so i think funcom needs to take a close look at their store. they are missing out on revenue from veterans who float in and out of the game, and they are missing out on revenue from new players who fall in love with the game. in my small town, several restaraunts have come and gone, following stupid trends like kale sandwiches and barbecue fusion. but the chinese buffet has been there all along, giving us fat americans our regular MSG fix, and turning a consistent and family-sustaining profit for the owners.

as conan goes into maintenance mode, and i think that it is, despite what they say, a buffet-style store should be a part of that maintenance. i might even start buying shit from you.


Hell no lol. I’m glad they’re deleting the battle pass though. The bazaar will improve now that they aren’t spending all their time making Battlepass content though



Honestly, I’m more interested in the free stuff getting improved rather than the Bazaar.

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Already seeing some new stuff which is kinda cool i suppose.

Kinda wish they would stop bundling some things up just to mark the prices higher.
Sometimes all i want is certain set of armor and not the weapons and the mounts.

Since this is the only way we are going to get any new items for the game, no don’t delete it, just improve the dang store layout sheesh and a bit better pricing.

The bazaar is a scam.

If i cant buy 1 crom coin to complete a single purchase, im not buying anything.

Have been wanting to buy the gibbet for almost a year now and its not in the shop or i missed it everytime.

Its just ridicilous and anti consumer.

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