Battle Pass Exp Multiplier

Good Evening all. Hope you’re well. Wanted to post this suggestion. I really enjoying playing the game and the introduction of a battle pass as something to work towards to unlock more things. However I’m finding trying to unlock items without the multiplier present makes it very very difficult/time consuming.

I understand there are different elements at play here. With the ability to unlock levels with Crom Coins, and waiting a few days for the multipliers to stack up etc, so perhaps these limits are intentional to encourage spending of Crom coins. But I don’t want to be a cynic, as you stated this is learning curve for yourselves too which I respect. The suggestion I wanted to put forward was to lower the multiplier limit, but also increase the base experience given for each challenge. This way if someone wishes to progress without multipliers present, it wont seem such a momentous task.

Thank you for your time

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