Battle Pass Gurnakhi Armor - Looks Kinda Cool!

I kinda like the new Gurnakhi Armor - not to be confused with Gurmukhi armor - whatever that might look like… :smiley:

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The Gurnakhi armor is great. Very high quality textures and design.

Hoping to see more armors like this one. I like the Abyssal/fiend too in terms of quality but the Gurnakhi totally fits my style!

Yeah it is really nice.

I already used it 5 days after launch:

Too bad if I kill you and don’t have battle pass or unlock it I cant even put it on, funcom needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves

What a coincidence - I just happened to unlock this armor set myself a little bit ago.

It’s pretty good and more stamina is always a plus.

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You can always take stats from other armour

I have a strange urge to dye it tan and then have a Khaki Gurnakhi.

…sorry, I’ll let myself out


Awe… the tiniest violin plays your sad sad song…


Lmao it’s actually doesn’t exist that’s how tiny it is

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