Battle Pass in god mod

I tried for the first time to use the god mod to complete the battle pass today.
Since it is my first time playing out of survival mod, I had to watch that video to understand how to use it:

But it does not seem to work for me. My challenge cannot be completed no matter how many guys I kill using the tips of that video.

Would you have any idea of how to complete the challenges in a fast way please?

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Did you enter the Sunken Temple Dungeon and see if the cultists there counted?


No, but I did try killing the NPCs of the Descent of Dagon with a sword first, before trying to spawn/kill them with the admin panel. None of both worked. I will try the Sunken Temple Dungeon right now.

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Thank you so much! It worked in the dungeon!


IDK about Cultists but I spawn all the other creatures in admin mode and make my followers kill them and it’s OK for BP.


Even as its solved, but umm there is like 5 different cults… so it just wrong cultist spawned , it does not need to be like specially in dungeon… just get correct spawns…

Worst is when you need on exile land to get surge boss that is not even suppose i think to be on exile land…

So for next similar thing
If you need storm boss = blood moon counts as one ( albino )
If you need surge boss = Surge_boss ( and search for humanoid 3 skull = the one who use silent legion armor counts in )
Event boss = blood moon ( red variant ) or lone wanderer ( siptah variant )

There is one broken journey = demands you to get fragments of power and use them ( it actually only completes IF its tablet of power ) i once reported it but it still do same…


spawn correct mob’s then hit ctrl+shift+del. Don’t do this near any of your bases. Also you have to make sure you are selecting the right npc’s from the admin window. It might look exactly like the one you need but it won’t give credit. Keep in mind you can teleport around, which is sometimes faster than trying to find the right npc’s in the list… short term.

Edit: I’d recommend stacking the multiplier qty close to 20 before you start doing the challenges. It only takes a few days and it’ll save you hours of your life. Only focus on the 150’s and 70’s, if you have to.


While you can spawn them with the admin panel, you still need to kill them yourself to make it count IIRC.

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ctrl+shift+del counts towards progress.

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The way I usually do it gets credit for the challenge listed, I’m not certain why the OP isn’t getting credit. Though I’d have to see which cultist he’s spawning specifically… the screenshot -looks- like the right ones.

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I bought the bp for my son and he didn’t have time to play at all, so a couple weeks ago i went to his single player to complete it. I fixed a totally new character for him because the low level characters gain as best challenges…
Kill an Asuras follower
Dance in the pagoda
Apply sunder, bleed and cripple to a single mob
Pray in the grave on Teliths island
Craft a golem
Gather 5 lotus flowers

So going Admin, creative mode with a set of daggers of outer dark in a couple hours totally on 2 different days i gained lvl 60 on bp.
I didn’t do the “easy” quests, just rare and epic.
On my bp i am not in a rush. The only time i used admin mode was on the eclipse update, that i didn’t feel like playing the game.


Yes, I think I was spawning the wrong ones. The ones I killed in the dungeon had a different name. Thank you for the tips about the bosses.

Yup, I used the ctrl+alt+del in the dungeon, and the teleportation too. The video was explaining it, I never knew before it could be done lol. Had I known about these tips earlier and their efficiency, I believe my friend and I would not have missed some of the past Battle Pass items :smiling_face_with_tear:

Indeed, I think I got the wrong ones in the Descent of Dagon, then in the list of spawns.


I tried these. Now that I am seeing it again, I did not even realize it had the word “surge” in it.

Not always. I tried to admin-kill a boss once upon a time and it didn’t count so now I have Arena Champoin Thralls and Better Tralls mod to get 3 followers with “well-trained” perk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Not completely up-to-date, but helps with the most questions.


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