Battle-pass rewards bug

i didnt receive my crom coins from the battle pass rewards, i’m level 60 now and the coins were from the following levels; 4,10,16,22,28,33,39,46,52 and 58. i didnt get any of them. i looked and your forums and it doesn’t show it has to say “free” above it to get them so there must be a bug with it funding into my account.

Welcome to the forums, @BanishedPixel132!

Unless you bought the battle-pass you will only be able to claim the “FREE” rewards.

For issues with reclaiming them you should submit a ticket at: → Zendesk, Click me! ←

Telling the cashier it’s free because it doesn’t have a price tag is a jest i’ve heard plenty of times in the past.

It never works.

ah i see, i was told you get the coins even if it doesn’t say free on them, that’s where the mix up has happened. thank you for getting back to me and properly informing me

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