Battle pass Rewards in others platforms

Does the Battle Pass transfer rewards between the Steam, Xbox(PC) and Xbox versions?

As far as i know, it’s bound to your console account/platform account. So as long as there isn’t crossplay & linked platform accounts it’ll be a nope.

I do think however that twitch rewards could potentially work for all platforms, maybe?
I have no experience with it but i think you can link your twitch to all applicable funcom platforms.

Edit: i just found a recent topic where your question is somewhat touched upon, it’s the thread: ‘Bring old PvP back’, in which someone says some things such as DLC at least carry over between gamepass pc and xbox. Maybe you’ll get an answer in this thread or that one.

Xbox Gamepass Ultimate allows switching between your pc and Xbox console (uses the same save). All dlc carries over. Note it’s only the Gamepass versions, Steam to Xbox or vice versa won’t work as it’s not part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

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