Battlemetrics does support update 41

Battlemetrics no longer works after update, as posted at battlemetrics. Please fix this issue, BM includes a lot of valuable information on servers.

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Same with other vote sites. No idea what’s going on.

Yeah i hope they fix this. I use battlemetrics alot to find new server to play on.

Hey @Gooseneck

Please be aware that Battlemetrics is a service hosted by a third-party not affiliated in any way or supported by us. Any issues with its functionality should be addressed by its respective owners.


This Services dont work because the Steam API is disable

This isn’t a Battlemetrics issue. This is a change by Funcom that has broken Battlemetric as well as other systems including Steam!!! My G-Portal server (as well as others) no longer appears in the in-game server browser, nor does it appear in the Steam servers list. I also have a dedicated server running on my home LAN which also no longer appears in the Steam server list (LAN section). This is because of the latest funcom update. Please can this be rectified? I’m paying money to host this server on G-Portal (Funcom hosting partner) but no-one can see the server now because of the latest update.

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We’ll proceed to close the thread since animosity seems to be on the rise.
Any adjustments to conform to the new API should be addressed by Battlemetrics, who can reach out to us if need be. They’re a third party service not affiliated nor directly supported by us.
The issues with the server browser are of different nature and are being addressed at this moment. Any feedback related to that should be addressed on this other thread:

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