Battlepass and Bazar won't load

Does someone else have the problem, that Battlepass and Bazar won’t load?
It says, I should restart the game, which I did,
if it s still there, I should contact funcom, what I did.

But, am I the only one who experiencing this?
I play without any mods in singleplayer

Mine is not working either, it was working then in the middle of the game it just stopped. Now it wont load even after multiple resets. I even saw on a troubleshooting ticket that they said mods could cause that issue, even though none of my mods have been for days i followed the steps and removed them but still having the same problem.

happens to me too, at least not the only one :wink:

/me whispers Live Service Battlepass seductively in your ear.

works again for me

Same here. The issues started last night with the inaccessibility of the bazaar. But after a while the connection was back.

Just now the challenge tasks stopped counting and after restarting the game the connection to the challenges, battlepass and the bazaar was gone.

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Yeah I was just doing the Dailies. Got 3 of the 5 done. Went to claim and both the Challenges and Bazaar are down

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