Failed to load Challenges, Battle Pass and Bazaar

but when I press report an issue in game it tells me to go to the forums.
I have restarted my game over 5 times and still nothing so what’s going on Funcom.

Try now. There was a bit of a server issue a bit earlier, I think.

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down again -_-

I’m having the same issue, spent money to unlock battle pass now it shows I dont have it after wanting me to unlock. I restarted my game and now its all messed up. I didnt even get to items from spending money to unlock them. Would appreciate a response from FUNCOM since Im spending IRL money here

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yea and after I was finally able to get back on the server I wasn’t able to ride my horse, since the undead horse skin is part of the battle pass and the battle pass is down “I don’t posses the knowledge” for said skin.

I literally just spend money unlocking up to lvl 43 and having those issues. It’s like I havent unlocked anything. WOuld be nice to get a real answer quick or have another way to communicate since it’s my money coming out of my account for this

I am now having the same issue. Played for a bit today, then it crashed. The game failed to load for a while. Now that I’m in, either in local co-op or on an official server, it fails to load the Challenges/Battle Pass. Come on Funcom, update us or fix it please.

I am having the same issue, no mods and single player and tried on the server.

Challenges and Bazaar did not load.

Update, finally got it to load, unlocked 2 levels and cannot claim the rewards.

We need an update as to what is broken and what Funcom is doing to fix it.

Bei mir dasselbe Problem am Battle Pass ist eine rote Meldung und ich kann auch nicht auf meine erworbenen Pass-Inhalte zugreifen sorry aber das geht gar nicht ich habe dafür bezahlt was soll dieser Mist man steht mitten in der Pampa und kann nicht mehr auf sein untotes Pferd aufsteigen

habe zwei legendäree herausforderungen, auch abgeschlossen, aber das spiel will sie nicht abschließen, ist halt ■■■■■■■ wenn man die 10 fache xp kriegen könnte aber das spiel reagiert da nicht drauf, gestern abend schon temple of skelos zwei mal gemacht , hat null gebracht das doch ■■■■■■■ so macht das spielen keinen spaß

Same here. I’ve had the items I’ve unlocked become unusable since I ‘didn’t have the knowledge’ for them a few times, but now challenges, battle pass, and bazaar are all unusable for me and friends. I’m supposed to report bugs, but any attempt at reporting it tells me to report it here in the forums, so… Hopefully they get it fixed quickly! And preferably tell us WHY this is happening. Especially if I can’t play every day, trying to do the challenges to at least work through the battle pass before the XP multipliers eventually expire, having this pop up is highly irritating.

They now load after about 3 game resets, but now I can’t claim them…

I know! I’m super ticked off I can’t even log into the official server I’m on. So many servers are at 9999 ping and time out. If they don’t fix it, I’m not doing anymore Battle Passes or DLCs. I haven’t seen anything on that thread either. (See

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