Battlepass issue

So trying to buy a battlepass $10 version on family members account but steam shows only add funds and no purchase option despite having enough funds.

Anyone see this before?

Ahhhhhhh. There it is…the reason.

I was wondering why these things weren’t linked to the system accounts (steam MS and PS stores) and there it is…so that family accounts can’t share.

To go to the OP, the Steam purchase is for the CC. The battlepass and bazaar purchase are isolated FC accounts that are not associated with any family plans.

Nope seperate accounts completely- i have two seperate paid versions of conan exiles. Seperate steam accounts.

I know all about family sharing and that is not the case here

I actually had the same thing happen on my account when i tried to get 50$ worth same issue so i got the 30$ one instead.

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