Battlepass xp multipliers not reseting

For the last couple of weeks my battlepass xp multipliers have not been resetting but my wifes have been and other people i know have been as well. Is this a known bug and is their anyway to fix this. My wife js almost done with hers and im over here still at 25

Do both of you play everyday? I have a theory that the game only refreshes the multipliers after two days or more of game inactivity.

It was resetting every day and hers still does just all of a sudden it stopped

I’m not sure then. This has been an ongoing issue for a while.

Well that sucks

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please submit a ticket to our Help center so our team can investigate what’s happening in your account.

Make sure to select “in-game purchase” as the issue type.

Have a great week!

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