Baum ist Verbugt bzw Unsichtbar auf B7

Plattform: =PLATTFORM= Problemtyp: =AUSGABETYP= Spielmodus: =SPIELMODUS= ServertyPippi-User & Server Management,LessBuilding Placement Restrictions, Exiles Extreme, Northern Timber, Savage Steel,Unlock Plus Pluk Plck Pock locknlocUnlo,Unll,Unel,Ueel,teelStee Stee Stge Sage vageavagSava Sav, Sar, Ser, ber,mberimbeTimb Timn Tirn Tern herntherrtheorthNort Nor, Noe, Nme, eme;remetremxtreExtr exts exes eles ilesxileExil exi, exs, ens, ons;ionstionctioictinsctinictiicttricstriestrRest re rect rent mentemencemeacemlacelacPlac plng ping dingldinildiuildBuilsBuissBuessBLess; Lest,Fastenzeit; Lent;mentent mentemengemenageanagMana Manr Maer Mver rvererveServ Ser; Sep; SMP; VERTYP= Karte: Exiled Lands Servername: =SERVERNAME= Mods: =MODS=

Greetings KingRagnar1!
Welcome to our forums and thank you for reporting your situation.

In order for our team to properly assist you, could you please provide us further information following the below Bug Report Template:

We’ll be awaiting your report KingRagnar1!

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