Bazaar is open but fail purchase

I see the bazaar and i buy 9000 coin but each time i try to purchase something its fail . Help

The bazaar is disabled, or supposed to be. It’s unavailable in testlive

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Weird i already buy for 60$ of coin :expressionless: i can see item with coin price and timer :disappointed:

That shouldn’t be possible. The bazaar is disabled for testlive.


put this in a bug report in the testlive section of the forum


Wait…it took your money?

Somewhere @AndyB gets a coronary embolism.

I know I jest about this however I think this particular issue requires a bit of attention before it snowballs @Community will probably need screen shots of what you are seeing and will take this offline to resolve directly with you.


I got a message pop up earlier while playing about a GameTweak Update or whatever. And, yeah, the bazaar is visible now… slightly unrelated but some of those prices - really? I love the art team and think they do a good job but that table/food set doesn’t seem like it’d cost double what the DLCs used to.

EDIT: a couple minutes later and I can report that the bazaar is disabled again.


Im new user its tell me i cant send screenshot😑

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Just wait for them to get involved. I tagged FC folks to this thread but remember a majority are in Norway so it may not get noticed till tomorrow.

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The Bazaar should now be correctly disabled on TestLive for all users.

Payment should not have been possible while it was temporarily open, though, so it’s normal if your payment attempts failed. I’m sorry for any confusion or alarm this might have caused.

If you’re absolutely certain you were billed despite the block, please send me a DM with your platform and username (on that platform). I’ll make sure it’s investigated further.


Still no news about my money that i spend for cromcoin

Did you DM @Rooibos

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Yes he s really kind but still no answer from conan exile

Its, 12-1am there right now.

So you’ll likely have to wait for them to wake up. =3

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Its been two days :s

Mas quem iria de querer comprar algo sabendo que ainda está em teste rsrsrs. Todos sabem que no testlive não vende nada é somente dentro do jogo que irá vender.

Just a quick question, did you actually get charged? Because during the bazaar testing, it looked as if we were being charged by steam but money never taken from our account.

Yes money never came back sadly, i will be happy if they reach me to say will be given back or no worry when bazaar open you will have you re 9000 cromcoin but 3 days no answer

Why did you even buy crom coins on a TESTLIVE environment, where the store is SUPPOSED to be CLOSED?

You can only hope, as you already said, that the coins will still be there when the patch hits live and the bazar is officially open.

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Is there even a notification in-game saying its not working? (even when the “oppsie” happen?)
Assuming everyone reads this forums, and didn’t find out testlive got updated from another source.


Shot in dark, its not a simple they snap there fingers, and poof its reverted. You were suppose “not able to” do that. They may not have had a system full set aside for it. You may also not be only one.
I’d resend a PM since its Friday, (and there often not in office on weekends)

May have abit of a wait. =/

I wouldn’t assume money lost or anything. Funcom has been really good that’ve seen on making that stuff right.