Bazaar item "Grilled Fish Plate" cannot be moved from the bench

Bazaar item that came with table chairs and different plates has stopped working correctly.

Fruit plate for instance works, but “Grilled Fish Plate” cannot be moved from the artisan bench after creation. It behaves like I do not own the Bazaar item, and just says it cannot be moved. However it is not grayed out, like items you do not own are.

Greetings @RedForgedSteel!

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

Would it be possible for you to please provide us with a screenshot or video of this?

Hello there!

I am also experiencing this issue. I have a video, but it won’t let me upload it or a link to it.
Essentially, the fish platter is locked to the bench. Even upon dismantling the bench, you cannot loot it from the bag on the ground either. “Item cannot be moved” appears in all instances.

If there is a way for me to send the video or link, let me know. ^^

I think this bug should be very easy to reproduce internally. It seems the Bazaar item, that was paid for, is now locked even if you own the content.

But if there is help needed, what exactly you need screen of? Its not very visual bug, its just the fact you cannot move it from the bench.

…but “Grilled Fish Plate” cannot be moved from the artisan bench after creation.

I test the creation of “Grilled Fish Plate” with all 6 different artisan benches.
All works and I can move the fish plate in my inventory.

I test it without a thrall in the bench. Do you use thralls and if you use, which one?

You do not need to use a thrall. The item is bugged - unable to be picked up via the bench or from a bag.

I know, that I did not need a thrall in the bench. You did not answer the question. I would test under same condition like you. Anyway, the item works very well and it is not bugged in my game.

Same thing is happening to me. I have a stack of 8 on my artisan bench that can’t be moved. Tried taking the thrall off and still can’t move them.

Hello everyone!

Could you please answer some questions so we can have a better understanding of the issue?

  • In what game mode are you playing (SIngle-Player, Online Official Servers, …)?
  • Do you have any mods? If so, does this issue happen when they are turned off?
  • When using the construction hammer to move/place the item, does the issue occur as well?

Thanks in advance :smile:

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  • Happens multiplayer hosted server.
  • Construction hammer has nothing to do with this, as it happens in workbench.
  • I do have mods as I am playing on specific server, because of Testpionier report, I will try to have this on vanilla server and report back.

This happens on the server I play on.

There are mods on the server.

Construction hammer does nothing for this interaction unless in creative mode, which on the private server I play on I do not have access to.

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