Bearer thrall wont stand still

got a bearer thrall
had it on follow then told it to stop
it now randomly moves around usually in my direction.
dont know if this happens with other thralls yet. only have one.

bearers only have 5 slots making them no different than any other thrall.
also it also is in permanent combat stance.

bearers should also not engage in combat but should avoid it. thralls need an aggression setting. Ie: passive, aggressive, defensive.

and they are real easy to get killed cause my clan member could not get hers to stop following her then it just died

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Yup only 5 slot with that huge backpack must have been a mistake. Please write it up for the must be fixed list. :smiley:
Also mine seems to be unable to come out of combat stance. no matter if she is following or not. she always ready to jump.